P.F. Marmi is an Italian company with vast experience in the marble and quality stone sector since 1963.
We are specialized in the turning and manufacturing of any kind of marble, granite, onyx and stone.
We can realize each type of work on design, project or sketch made by the client.
We are able to turn element of a few centimetres and column of over one metres of diameter for six metres of height.
We are proud of setting work of complements for high-level environment , areas and public buildings,
villas and shopping centers. We produce vessels in medicean style, cups, spheres, columns, bases, balustrades,
tanks, fountains and elements of sacred and funeral art. The element that distinguishes us is the experience and the passion for the work that we do.
Working with the best architectural studies gave us the possibility to realize true work of art and in the same time
we were able to grow, learn and extend our knowledges.
Our bases are essentially handcraft; althrough with computerized machines, we are proud to know the art to work with “hand”.